About me


Gareth H Thomas holds a Ph.D. from the Queensland University of Technology, an M.B.A. from Griffith University, an MSc (Economics) from Osaka City University, Japan, and BSc (Economics) from the University of London. He also holds a Diploma in Research Studies from the Griffith University and Diploma in the Japanese Language.

Gareth is currently holds the position of Assistant Professor (Strategy) at the Bond University and his research is focused on the impact of disruption on organizations with special emphasis on the successful strategies employed by entrepreneurs in mature, small and medium sized firms. He is also working on how blockchain can be used in international food supply chains to guarantee food traceability.

Gareth’s research is presented regularly at top-tier conferences, including the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research Exchange. His articles has appeared in top-tier journals, including Journal of Small Business Management, Journal of Small Business Strategy and Management Research Review. His publications in other journals include those for industry think-tanks such as the Japan Association of Graphic Arts Technology.

Before becoming an academic, Gareth was a corporate entrepreneur, specializing in establishing new business units with new high technology products. He held a number of senior positions working with new product development and the establishment of new income streams with Hitachi Europe Ltd., Canon Australia Pty Ltd. and the Sony Group.


  • Assistant Professor (Strategy) at Bond University.
  • Recipient of Australia-Japan Foundation Grant, 2023.
  • Lecturer at University of Adelaide Business School 2022-23.
  • Research Fellow at the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research at Queensland Univeristy of Technology.
  • Authored and co-authored 7 peer-reviewed research publications including 3 journal articles and 4 conference papers.
  • Teaching at undergraduate and post-graduate level in the field of entrepreneurship including business planning, strategy and ideation courses.
  • Seventeen years experience in industry as a corporate entrepreneur.
  • Hands-on experience in senior roles in sales and marketing roles.
  • Experience in international trade, implementing complex logistics and warehousing systems.
  • Extensive experience in change management and the introduction of quality management systems, including ISO9000.
  • Operational experience in both B2B and B2C sales.
  • Proficient in PHP, Java, MySQL and R.

Research Interests

  • Disruption and responses by entrepreneurs
  • Innovation and strategy
  • Data analysis techniques: Big data vs fsQCA