• Sept 2021
    Doctor of Philosophy (Entrepreneurship)
    Queensland University of Technology
    July 2017-Sept 2021
    Thesis Title: Strategic responses to disruption by established SMEs in a declining industry
  • July 2017
    Griffith University
    Diploma in Research Studies
    Griffith University
    Oct 2016-July 2017
    GPA: 6.75
  • July 2009
    Griffith University
    Master of Business Administration
    Griffith University
    Feb 2008-July 2009
    GPA: 6.08
  • March 1992
    Osaka City University
    Master of Science in Economics
    Osaka City University
    Apr 1990-Mar 1992
    Thesis Title: New Trends in Japanese Subcontracting - the decline of dualism?
  • March 1990
    Kansai Language School, Osaka
    Diploma in Japanese
    Kansai Language School
    Oct 1989-Mar 1990
  • July 1984
    Queen Mary College, London Univeristy
    Bachelor of Science in Economics with Politics
    Queensland Mary College, University of London
    Oct 1984-Mar 1988
    Class: 2.2