Research Profile


My research examines how entrepreneurs in mature businesses respond to disruption. My focus is on the strategies the employ and the way in which they configure their environments to remain competitive. I am particularly interested in contrasting big data findings which tend to reveal the median or most likely trend, with set based analysis employing techniques like fsQCA to reveal subsets and configurations within datasets based on a more holistic approach. Recently, I have expanded my research to examine how blockchain can be used to improve on supply chain traeability in international fresh food markets.

I came to academia later in like following a professional career that began in supply chain management, then developed into operational management, and finally progressed into sales and marketing. My background as a corporate entrepreneur was built both domestically and internationally, developing technology products for new markets within both business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets.

I have successfully secured grants from Printing Industries Association of Australia in 2019, supporting my PhD research and jointly with my research colleague from the National Institute of Science and Technology Policy, Tokyo, Japan.

I am a fluent Japanese speaker with extensive experience negotiating and presenting through the medium of Japanese in a professional setting. I have international field research experience working in Osaka, Japan researching the responses of Japanese entrepreneurs in mature printing firms to the disruption and decline in their industry.

I have received three scholarships during my studies, a full scholarship from the Japanese Ministry of Education (between 1989 and 1993), the Australian Government RTP Stipend Scholarship (between 2018 and 2020) and a scholarship from the Australian Institute of Entrepreneurship Research, QUT in 2020. In 2008, I was awarded the Griffith Award for Academic Excellence as a result of the grades I secured in my MBA studies, and the Highest Grade award in 2017 following my Diploma in Research Studies.

Research Interests

  • Disruption and responses by entrepreneurs
  • Innovation and strategy
  • Data analysis techniques: Big data vs fsQCA